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Professional Aeration & Over Seeding

Core aeration and overseeding are essential maintenance practices for any lawn. Core aeration involves the use of specialized machines to extract small plugs of soil from the ground, allowing water, air, and nutrients to penetrate deep into the roots. This process helps the grass to grow deeper and more robust, leading to a healthier and more vibrant lawn. Overseeding, on the other hand, involves spreading new grass seed over the existing lawn, which helps to fill in any gaps or thinning areas.

The benefits of core aeration and overseeding are numerous. Aside from improving overall lawn health and appearance, these practices can help to combat lawn diseases and pests, reduce soil compaction, and improve water absorption. Moreover, a healthy lawn can increase your home’s curb appeal, boost property values, and make spending time outdoors more enjoyable.

If you’re looking to maintain a lush, green lawn, core aeration and overseeding are an essential part of lawn care. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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Very professional company with top notch workers! Won't find a better company that takes care of their customers like they do!

Tyler Murphy

Doing a great job. Very dependable and professional.

Tom Blackwell

Very professional, fast, and affordable. Their work is top-notch!

Derek Plumlee

Great service and job is always well done!

Sandy McCoy

These guys are extremely dependable, friendly, flexible, caring...can't say enough good things.

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Professional, Dependable, and quality work!! Highly recommend!!

Bric Steward

Great service and quick response

Albert Lenkaitis

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Here at Genet Lawn Care, our team of professionals will complete your job as efficiently as possible so that you can finally have the lush green lawn that you’ve always wanted. Our Talented crew will get in and get out, making your home the best looking house in the neighborhood. With over 20+ years in business and hundreds of satisfied client, you can be sure that we’ll treat you as family and will be there for you for your lawn care needs.


Core Aeration

Core aerating your lawn involves removing small plugs of soil to improve air and water circulation, which can lead to healthier grass and a more vibrant lawn. It's recommended to core aerate once a year in the fall or spring for best results.

Starting at $75

Over Seeding

Over seeding your lawn is a great way to improve its thickness and appearance. It involves sowing grass seed over an existing lawn to fill in thin areas and create a fuller, healthier lawn.

Starting at $115

Aeration & Seeding

Get the best results & bang for your buck when you combine services. Core aerating & over seeding your lawn is the perfect combination if you're looking to have a lush and healthy lawn.

Starting at $175

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